• Energy Supply

    Services to help with all your energy supply planning, procurement and management activities.

  • Information Management

    Tools to help efficiently and diligently manage the wide array of information associated with competitive energy markets.

  • Market Intelligence

    Valuable market data and information to help you cut through the noise and make informed decisions.


Many clients realize it is more efficient to have their energy procurement needs managed by experienced professionals that are in the market and regularly interacting with the various parties involved in energy procurement transactions.

Those who are not “in the market” on a continual basis often find the requirements of an effective and competitive procurement effort to be time consuming, confusing and can be a distraction from core activities. This often leads to an ineffective process of being a “price taker” by just buying the way you did last time due to familiarity and time constraints.

Axsess can help you pro-actively establish goals and objective and exectue to them.

Axsess provides any or all steps in the procurement process, such as:

  • Data and information collection
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Solicitation development and issuance
  • Supplier communication and management
  • Transporter communication and management
  • Bid analysis
  • Price structure assessment
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract execution